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QUESTIONS (click on the question to check your answer)

1 How, and when, were the Wolves established?
2 How was the logo for the Wolves created?
3 Which teams did those, who formed the first Wolves team, previously play for?
4 What was the average age of the Wolves in their first and second seasons?
5 Who was the MVP for the Wolves in 2015?
6 Which Wolves have played in the Ingersoll NBC Hockey League?
7 Who was the youngest player for the Wolves?
8 Who is the oldest player for the Wolves, and how much older was he than the youngest player at the beginning of the 2016 season?
9 Which brothers played for the Wolves?
10 Which fathers and sons played for the Wolves?
11 Which sponsors have the Wolves had?
12 Which Wolves played organized ball for the first time in 2016?
13 Who are the only Wolves to have played in the Ingersoll Monday Night Slo-Pitch League prior to 2016?
14 Which Wolves played for ball teams in 4 different leagues in 2016?
15 Which player was scouted by Major League Baseball teams, and went to their training camps, when he was 16?
16 Which Wolves are/were teachers?
17 Which university student played for the Wolves in 2016?
18 Who's first and second home runs ever were both grand slams for the Wolves?
19 Which Wolves worked at Glassford Motors Limited?
20 Which Wolves have worked at CAMI (Canadian Automotive Manufacturing Inc.)?
21 Who hit the first home run ever for the Monday night team?
22 What was Carmeuse catcher Pete Kish's reply when a Wolves player asked who was up after Tony Defent?
23 Who is the only player to have broken a Wolves bat?
24 Which Wolves played organized hardball?

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