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1 Who played with the team from its inception in 1978 until 2006?
2 Who was the longest serving player on the team?
3 How many games did the team win in its first year?
4 What league did the team play in before it moved to the Tuesday Night League in 1987?
5 What year were the Renegades the League and Playoff Champs?
6 What sponsors has the team had since it was formed?
7 Who made the "miracle catch" in the outfield?
8 What father and son combinations have played together on the team?
9 What happened when the Renegades were accused of creating a "travesty of the game?"
10 Which year was the first one that the team did not have a teacher on the roster?
11 Which former player probably hasn't had EX lately?
12 What brother combinations have played together on the team?
13 Where did Slim and C meet each other?
14 Which Renegade broke his leg while sliding into 3rd base?
15 What positions did Ed Francis play before he became a pitcher?
16 Having gone several years without ever striking out, and just prior to recording his first, which Renegade questioningly asked "How could anyone strike out in slo-pitch?"
17 Although necessary at work, which Renegade could never be accused of having "hands of stone" on the ball diamond?
18 In the history of the team, only once has a "beer man" been relieved of his duties.  Why was this necessary?
19 Which Renegade was a basketball referee during the 2001 Canada Summer Games in London?
20 Which Renegade hit a home run over the fence and was called out after rounding the bases?
21 Which Renegade is still being sought by Ed's former neighbour for driving off his retaining wall?
22 When the Renegades won the Opening Tournament in 1996, what was the key factor that led them to victory in their final game?
23 Who has played every position on the diamond for the Renegades?
24 Which Renegade had a permanent steel rod in his leg as a result of a motorcycle accident?
25 Who won the first 4 Renegades Open golf tournaments?
26 Which player shaves his arm pits during the hottest part of the season?
27 Having travelled the furthest ever for a ball tournament and upon arriving at our destination only to discover that the town had no bar, who said ...
"I could have sworn that Apsley had a Legion."
"There hasn't been a bar in this town for 5 years."
28 When Slim lost his glasses after diving into the lake at the Apsley ball tournament, who did a fine job of underwater reconnaissance to retrieve them?
29 After John Melanson had to go underwater at the lake near Apsley to retrieve an unopened bottle of beer that was thrown out to him, who was surprised that the bottle he threw would not float?
30 Which Renegade became engaged on 2002 07 13 and is referred to as "Care Bear" by his fiancee?
31 Upon being mercilessly pelted with walnuts during a game, which outfielder left the field at the end of the inning to track down the culprits so that they could be reprimanded and then returned just in time to bat?
32 Which pitcher would attempt to rally the team with a high-pitched "Let's go Renegades!" prior to delivering his first pitch of an inning?
33 How many Renegades, in a new 1995 Ford Windstar equipped with a towing suspension, caused it to "bottom out" en route to and from the bar at the Goderich tournament?
34 Shortly after taking up roller blading, this Renegade broke his elbow when he fell and missed several weeks of ball during June and July of 2002.
35 This Renegade was ejected from a game after bouncing a ball on home plate and explaining, for the umpire's benefit, "That's what hitting the wood sounds like."
36 On the way home from a Renegades golf tournament this player dropped his cigarette on the floor of his truck and was having difficulty reaching for it when he was pulled over by an OPP officer. Apparently the officer had been following for some time and asked, "Didn't you notice my flashing red lights?" The reply was, "I'm used to seeing flashing red lights behind me. I'm a goalie." Who was it?
37 Who hit a key home run to help the Renegades win the "A" Championship (B Division) at the 1984 Goderich Tournament?
38 a Upon our team finally de-throning Lily's as the first place team in the Monday Night League, who proposed a toast "to the best second place team in our league" while in their midst?
  b During the toast, who ended up having a beer poured down the back of his neck by one of the Lily's players?
39 Which Slo-pitch fielding position is seldom used by teams any more?
40 Which rookie fell and broke a couple of ribs while running to first base during his first game of the 2002 season?
41 Who is the Imperial Turtle?
42 Are you a Turtle?
43 Which player and his wife had the same first name?
44 Who was the only non-Canadian to play for the Renegades?
45 Which Renegade was referred to as "Homey" by the opposing team at the Goderich tournament?
46 Who is the Big Kahuna?
47 Which Renegade ran right out of his pants while running to first base?
48 Who has the nickname "Holesy?"
49 Which player was married in Cuba?
50 What province did the "Newf" come from?
51 Since its inaugural season, which year did the team have the most rookies on the roster?
52 Which Renegade was a cricket player prior to playing baseball?
53 For what reasons have games not been completed?
54 Other than rain or lightning, which weather condition has caused a Renegades game to be delayed?
55 Who was the catcher that was ejected from the game when he refused to allow the umpire to stand between himself and the batter?
56 When was Westfield diamond last used by the Tuesday Night Slo-Pitch League?
57 When was GE2 diamond first used by the Tuesday Night Slo-Pitch League?
58 Which Renegade has volunteered to umpire several of our games when no umpire showed up?
59 Which of the Renegades has served as President of the Tuesday Night Slo-Pitch League?
60 Which Renegade can be compared to a cat with 9 lives?
61 Who designed the Blooper Award (a toilet seat with the horse's arse), which is presented to those demonstrating a high level of incompetence?
62 Which Renegades pitcher was felled and had his fingers broken when a ball was hit back at him?
63 After hitting the ball, which player would remove his cap and carry it in his hand as he ran?
64 Which Renegade also plays in the Monday Night Slo-Pitch League?
65 Who regularly rode a bicycle to and from our games?
66 Which Renegades have played in the Ingersoll Basketball Association?
67 Whose mother has served as the Renegades' scorekeeper?
68 In a 2009 07 28 game, when Cindy Lou's had two players without team jerseys, the Renegades asked that the matching jerseys rule be enforced. The umpire refered to this request as being "chintzie" and allowed one of the players to wear the orange team jersey underneath the red shirt he was wearing. Who was the umpire?
69 Which Renegades had family members playing, at the same time, for other teams?
70 Who hit four home runs in a game for the Renegades?
71 Which Renegade ripped his cap apart when he was frustrated with his play?
72 What does Glen Hammond have in common with former player Dick Huntley?
73 Who was the second baseman that dislocated his arm when making a throw to first base?
74 Can you name the Renegades player who was the manager of the Ingersoll Beer Store?
75 Which Renegade played while wearing braces on his teeth?
76 Making his Renegades debut on 2011 05 17, which player did a face plant after rounding third base and was still able to score on a close play at home plate?
77 How many times have the police been summoned to Addy Burchert's house as a result of Renegades not being aware that his premises were protected by ADT?
78 Who has fallen into a pond during a Renegades golf tournament?
79 Who were the Renegades referred to as AC/DC?

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