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Canadian Red Cross Rescue Awards
Rescue awards go to the people in our communities who step up and help out whenever needed.

On Tuesday, June 7 (Main Vic at 7 pm) the Canadian Red Cross will be presenting awards to Chris St. Clair and Deke Young for their rescue attempts on May 3.

There will be three divisions for playoffs, where teams play a round-robin. The top two teams in each division will then play each other for the championship.

Regular Season and Tournament
The regular season schedule begins on Tuesday, May 3. The tournament will be on Saturday, June 4 with each team playing three games.

League Fees
The league fees ($1400) are the same as last season, with $700 due by May 1 and $700 due by June 1. The late fee for each payment is $200. Teams will receive 15 new balls.

League Meeting
A league meeting has been scheduled for 7 pm on Monday, March 7 at the Pipe Band Hall. Items on the agenda are the schedule, Tournament date, league fees, and revisions to the Constitution and Rules.

Archives    Constitution    Contacts    Home    News    Photos    Playoffs    Rules    Schedule    Standings    Tournament   Waiting

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