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Please include all of the following on the score sheet.
- Players (last names and jersey numbers - eg. 35 Smith).
- Date
- Teams (Home and Visitor)
- Score

Constitution and Rules
The revised Constitution and Rules for 2014 have been posted.

Baseballs (18 per team) will be available for pickup tomorrow (Wednesday, April 23) at 7 pm from Gail MacKay at the Pipe Band Hall.

The full Schedule, including the Tournament and Playoffs, has been posted. Louie's has changed their name to Jagerbombs. Beeracudas are now the Miken Beeracudas.

League Fees
Due to a 3% increase in the cost of hydro, the fees for this season will be $1400 ($700 due on April 16 and $700 due on May 31). Teams will receive 18 new balls.

League Meeting
A league meeting has been scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday, March 20 at the Ingersoll District Memorial Centre (in the room that minor hockey uses at the back of the arena by the Zamboni entrance).

All team reps need to be present since we will be revising the Rules and Constitution. Other items on the agenda are league fees, formats for the Tournament and playoffs, and the schedule for the entire season. Please contact our Secretary (John Shiell, 246 Alder Road, Ingersoll, 519-303-0380) for any additions to the agenda.

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