QUESTION 32 Which brothers have played in the league?
ANSWER Surname First Names
  Ager Hank and Stan
  Bannon Larry and Tim
  Baskette Steve and Pat
  Berry Mike and Chris
  Blancher Wayne and Ken
  Boersma Casey, Paul, John and Dave
  Boll John, Carl and Tim
  Clayton Mike and Brad
  Dolson Chad and Brian
  Dorie Justin and Ryan
  Durham Trevor and Tim
  Elliott Joe, Jamie and Jake
  Finucan Ken and Clark
  Foster Dave and Jeff
  Fuller Bill and Bob
  Gardham Dave and Mike
  Garton James and Glenn
  Gould Scott and Shawn
  Henhawke Joe, Tyler and Todd
  Johnson Corey, Dana and Tyler
  Johnson Ron and Rob
  Lamers Chris and Jay
  Landon Perry, Davis and Al
  McEwin Roger and Jeff
  Moulton Don and Doug
  Noble Larry and Bob
  Oliva Frank and Tony
  Pembleton Don and Gary
  Riley Ken and Andy
  Royles Trevor and Kyle
  Shelton Roger, Chris and Warren
  Stoop Neil and John
  Streatch Ron and Steve
  Strickler Dave and Rick
  Sutherland Riath and Jody
  Todd Mike, Kim and Gordie
  Vyse Jay and Pete
  Ward Wayne and Don
  Watmough Craig and Chris
  Way Brian and Brady
  Whalen Joe and Bill
  Wilson Rick, Bill and Keith "Chip"
  Wilson Tex and Dave
  Zinn Al and Bev

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