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1 This is a no body contact league for fun and recreation, so aggressive and questionable play will be penalized.
2 Games consist of two 30 minute periods. The last 2 minutes are played with stop time if the goal differential is less than 3.
3 The centre red line is not used in determining offsides.
4 Slap shots (stick is raised above the knee) and fake slap shots are not allowed.
5 High sticking will be called when a player's stick is above the crossbar. A double minor will be assessed for drawing blood.
6 Slew-footing will result in an ejection plus a one game suspension.
7 Charging the goaltender in the goal crease will result in a major penalty and game misconduct.
8 Escalating suspensions will be assessed for repeat offenders.
9 Players will be suspended for conduct detrimental to the league.
10 Three penalties in one game will result in an automatic one game suspension.
11 Players will be suspended for one game when 30 minutes in penalties have been accumulated during the entire season, two games for the next 30 minutes, three games for the next 30 minutes, etc.
12 Players who have been ejected from three games during the entire season will be suspended for 1 game. The fourth ejection results in a 2 game suspension, the fifth ejection results in a 3 game suspension, etc.
13 A ten minute misconduct is counted as one penalty. Ten minute misconducts will be served in the penalty box, unless there is less than ten minutes remaining in the game.
14 Penalties, other than minors or ten minute misconducts, will result in an immediate suspension. Reinstatement will be determined by the Executive, upon review.
15 Fighting, or dropping the gloves, will result in a one year suspension.
16 Playing while impaired, or in a manner that would lead to a suspension, will not be allowed and can result in an ejection from the game without the need for a penalty to be assessed.
17 Any player who is injured, especially in the case of a head injury, should be assisted to the hospital for proper medical attention.
18 Players from the Waiting/Injury Reserve List must play a minimum of 15 games before becoming eligible to be placed on the Injury Reserve List.
19 Players who do not play at least a third of the schedule, and do not have an acceptable explanation, will be placed on the Injury Reserve List.
20 Since the league can be charged for overtime of the arena rental, all players on a team not vacating their dressing room by 12:30 am may be assessed a fine of $10.
21 A team may dress its second goalie as an out player when there are less than 10 skaters.
22 Goalies must wear the team jersey they are supplied with.
23 Equipment must be CSA approved.
24 Tournament games, that also count as regular season games, decided by overtime/shootout will be recorded as wins/losses for the regular season.
25 Tie-breakers for teams tied in the standings are (a) head to head, (b) most wins, (c) fewest loses, (d) goal differential.
26 All other rules will be governed by the OMHA rules.


1 Prior to each game, teams will designate a first, second and third player for the shootout, should one become necessary.
2 Period lengths on Friday are 30 minutes. Period lengths on Saturday are 22 and 23 minutes.
3 Games that are tied will be decided by a 5 minute sudden death overtime. Teams will play 4 on 4 plus goaltenders, with player changes allowed at any time.
(NOTE 1) When regulation time ends and teams are 4 on 4, teams will start overtime 3 on 3.
(NOTE 2) When regulation time ends and teams are 5 on 3, teams will start overtime 5 on 3. Once player strength reaches 5 on 4 or 5 on 5, at the next stoppage of play, player strength is adjusted to 4 on 3 or 4 on 4.
(NOTE 3) At no time will a team have less than three players on the ice. This may require a fifth skater to be added if a two-man advantage occurs.
4 Games that are still tied after overtime will be decided by a shootout. If games are still tied after 3 shooters, there will be a sudden death shootout using the rest of the players from the roster.

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