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2009 09 11
 Baskette, Steve  Ellah, Matt

2009 12 04
 Baskette, Steve  Raffin, Lidio

2009 09 18
 Edge, Paul  Ellah, Matt

2009 12 11
 Whatley, Jim  Raffin, Lidio

2009 09 25
 Ellah, Matt  

2009 12 18
 Boersma, Jared  Bradfield, Greg

2009 10 02
 Baskette, Steve  Ellah, Matt

2010 01 08

2009 10 09
 Condos, John  

2010 01 15
 Costello, Mark  Royles, Brent

2009 10 16

2010 01 22

2009 10 23
 Wilson, Dave  Raffin, Lidio

2010 01 29

2009 10 23
 Condos, John  

2010 02 05
 Granger, Eugene  Costello, Mark

2009 10 30
 Ellah, Matt  

2010 02 12
 Whatley, Jim  Granger, Eugene

2009 11 06

2010 02 26

2009 11 13
 Cucinato, Mike  Ellah, Matt

2010 03 05

2009 11 20
 Kirby, Ryan  Ellah, Matt

2010 03 12

2009 11 27
 Kirby, Ryan  Thorne, Jim      

Blue Line Club
BBG's Cookhouse will be running the Blue Line Club upstairs at the arena for our final day of Playoffs on Saturday, March 13 so you can watch the games while enjoying some food and beverages.

Fees for 2010-11
Due to the additional 8% HST that we will have to pay for ice rental next season, an increase in our league fees will be necessary.

League fees for the 2010-11 season will be $210 for goalies and $270 for all other players. You may post date your cheque for September 1, 2010 and give it to your Team Rep or anyone on the Executive (Tyler Henhawke, John Condos or Chris Lamers).

A late fee of $20 will be added to payments received after March 13, 2010.

If you decide not to play next season and have not informed the Executive by September 1, 2010, $20 will be deducted from your refund.

Dave VanKoughnett Memorial Award
The Dave VanKoughnett Memorial Award is annually presented in memory of Dave VanKoughnett and Keith "Chip" Wilson, who played in the Ingersoll NBC Hockey League until they passed away during the 1987-88 season. It is awarded for Exemplifying the Purpose of the League (Whether you won or lost, scored a goal or got a shutout, you enjoyed playing).

This year's recipient is Eugene Granger, who has played every season since he joined the league in 1989 (the year after this award was initiated).

Rule Revision
Rule #10 has been revised as follows.

Playing while impaired, or in a manner that would lead to a suspension, will not be allowed and can result in an ejection from the game without the need for a penalty to be assessed.

Additional Players
In an effort to try and reduce the number of games teams are playing with less than 10 skaters, we have decided to add a player from the Waiting List to each team. The 8 players at the top of the Waiting List have been assigned in a manner that we hope will balance the teams.

New Rule
Players who do not play at least a third of the schedule, and do not have an acceptable explanation, will be placed on the Injury Reserve List.

Opening Night
The Ingersoll NBC Hockey League 2009-10 season will begin on 2009 09 11.

The Ingersoll NBC Hockey League teams for the 2009-10 season will be announced on 2009 09 04 at Crabby Joe's. Festivities begin at 7 pm.

Email List
Contact if you would like to be added to the Ingersoll NBC email list.

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